Professional Bothell Sprinkler Repair & Optimization

an optimized drip system done by our Bothell sprinkler repair teamWhy did you get your sprinkler system? To save you time, hassle, and money. How's that working for you? Is your yard the shining gem that you expected? If it isn't, it's probably because you are neglecting your Bothell WA sprinkler system. If you are neglecting the maintenance on your system, you'll see higher watering bills, weaker plants and a generally a less attractive yard.

Our Bothell sprinkler repair team has 25 years experience bringing out of date systems back to their prime. There are some simple tricks we can use to tweak your pop up heads and drip lines to give your system back that oomph that it is missing. We can usually get your system optimized in a single visit and you'll have a better looking lawn and be spending less to maintain it.

Why it Works

It might not seem like a few minor adjustments to your system is all you need. But rest assured, we do this for a living. A sprinkler system is a highly tuned machine. There are hundreds of small parts that work together to create a seamless watering system. The whole system only works if the water pressure at each valve and each spray head is exactly right. One bad head and the entire system fails to work properly. A poorly optimized system with bad pressure can lead to over or under watering and a poor looking lawn.

Initial Pop Up Head Service & Sprinkler Repair in Bothell WA

Replacing a broken pop-up head during a routine sprinkler repair jobOur Bothell WA sprinkler repair team almost always gets called in for a first service on a broken pop up head. When we arrive we will do an initial audit looking for any and all broken pop up heads, not just the one that you called about.

We will replace or repair every bad sprinkler head before doing a full system tune up. Most of the time there is just one bad head and the others just need to be cleaned and adjusted.

Pop up heads in runoff areas or planting beds almost always have some type of debris in them preventing proper spray. We make sure to check these areas thoroughly.

Our Bothell Irrigation Team Will Find Your Hidden Leaks

our Bothell irrigation specialists managed to find the hidden leaky pipePop up heads might be the number one reason to call in a professional Bothell sprinkler repair technician, but they aren't the only one. Have you noticed a large increase in your water bill but can't find the source. You might have an underground irrigation leak. Sometimes there will be a tell-tale moist area in your lawn, but sometimes there won't.

Our Bothell sprinkler repair team has the latest electronic leak detection equipment to find just these leaks. Being able to find the leaks quickly and without exploratory digging will keep our time and your costs down.

Whatever type of repair your sprinkler system needs, we'll be able to quickly diagnose it and get it fixed. Call our Bothell WA sprinkler repair team for a quote now!

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