#1 Kenmore Sprinkler Repair & Yearly Maintenance Checks

a Kenmore sprinkler repair tech is doing a maintenance check on a valve boxYour sprinkler may not be crying out for help yet, but if you continue to ignore it, chances are that it will. The biggest problem that our Kenmore sprinkler repair team finds with sprinkler systems is that they are not properly maintained. Often times a $1000 repair could have been avoided with simple yearly maintenance. Something as simple as a fall blowout service could prevent a major underground leak that could cost you money for months before you notice it.

Set It But Don't Forget It

An automatic sprinkler system is only as good as its settings. It is a highly technical machine that works on specific water pressure algorithms to produce a perfect watering plan for an entire season and beyond. If the water pressure is compromised by a broken pop up head, a stuck solenoid or a crack in the delivery system, then your yard won't get the right irrigation and it will start to look patchy or worse. A proper maintenance service will check for minor problems that could be throwing off your system's efficiency. Our Kenmore WA sprinkler repair pros are specially trained to recognize and repair these minor issues during every service call.

Get the Best Kenmore WA Sprinkler Repairs

thumbs up from our professional contractor MarkOur Kenmore sprinkler repair service has been the go to company for all things sprinkler related for the past 20 years. We've stayed in business as others have come and gone because we take our trade seriously and make sure that every service is handled only with the highest regard. Customer service is our calling card. We keep up on the latest industry trends, use the most effective diagnostic tools, and only use high quality replacement parts. This combination ensures that you get the best repair that money can buy.

Our master craftsmen have dozens of years of experience and know things about older systems that the new guys simple don't. Our hands on experience makes our repairs last longer and deliver better than anyone else. It doesn't matter if you need a single pop up head replacement or a full controller reprogramming, we can do it all. Need a backflow device certified? We do that too.

Don't Overpay - Pay the Right Price

Timm is ready to receive your phone callYou might think that because we have more experience than anyone else in the area that we are also the highest priced service. You'd be wrong. We keep our rates reasonable because everyone deserves top notch quality, not just those with multimillion dollar homes. This commitment to quality service at a fair price is why we are number one in the area and we continue to expand. Call our professionals right now and get your system back up and running again right away. You'll see the Kenmore WA sprinkler repair difference in less than a week as your lawn goes from patchy to remarkable in no time flat.

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